Warren Tricomi: The Plaza

Founded by Edward Tricomi and Roxana Pintilie, Warren Tricomi has been actively contributing and advancing in the hair industry for 31 years, since 1989. To engage their clients and stylists in every way possible, they ensure that all 5 senses are always engaged, making the salon a creative, immersive and interesting place for their clients’ sessions.

Every Warren Tricomi branch has a different ambience and there is always a twist incorporated into it. And because the design inspiration for each salon is different, the walls for each salon changes to fit its respective theme. For example, The Plaza location is 2001 space artistry with the 1940s and early 1900s mixed making it extremely unique, and the walls are done up with bamboo titles and moulded plastics.

Warren Tricomi is very well versed, offering a wide range of services to their clients. They provide cuts, colour, makeup, eyebrow waxing and treatments, nails, facials, and they even have massage therapists.

“I like to take a client out of where they are and transport them to a place that is artistically interesting and creative. That is important to my stylists as well as my clients.” — Edward Tricomi, one of the three Founders of Warren Tricomi

What: Warren Tricomi: The Plaza
Where: 1 W 58th St, New York, NY 10019, United States
Facebook/Instagram: @warrentricomi

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