Charlotte Charpentier founded Vaeneti on 31st July 2017.

Working in a large international hairdressing chain for the past few years allowed Charlotte to learn and cultivate many things, in terms of hairdressing skills as well as the ideal salon experience for clients. Knowing the clients’ general fear of being “just another number” to salons, Vaeneti aims to treat all their clients as if it’s their first time.

The salon is located just outside of Amsterdam, easily accessible by both car and public transport. Charlotte wanted the salon to look urban and chic, something to make it feel homely and comfortable for the clients, thus the big marble walls, round mirrors and plants.

One of the most important factors is the light. Because they do a lot of colour services, especially highlight and balayage colours, light is very important. The salon itself welcomes a large amount of natural daylight in. Whereas for the interior of the salon, Charlotte had requested for lights that mimic daylight as much as possible.

“With every customer, we would have an extensive consultation to be able to know the clients and find out what hairstyle, appearance and lifestyle, suits them best. On top of that, because most of our clients have busy careers and/or family life, a visit to Vaeneti is their ‘me-time’, the time for them to escape from their busy, hectic life and relax.” — Charlotte Charpentier, Founder of Vaeneti

What: Vaeneti
Where: Ceintuurbaan 227, 1074 CW Amsterdam, Netherlands
How: Visit
Call +31 020 239 2565

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