TUFT - A Rebranding Story.

Tai Wah started Tuft started way back in 2001, with just 2 styling tools. Now it’s an international brand with sales to many countries, encompassing hair treatment machines and all kinds of styling tools.


TUFT stands for; Technology, Universal, Forward, Transform.


Tai Wah has set up partnering manufacturing plants in both China and Malaysia. Establishing their very own R & D team and gradually moving towards collaborating with professional technical consultants and engineers from the same trade to help beef up the capabilities of the fleet. Tuft’s ability to input massive amount of international quality expectations, industry’s knowledge, users’ requirements and over the many years of international network connections has made Tai Wah a continued success story.


At this age of global transformation, the emphasis on branding plays an important role for the next level of success.  Trademarking of the unique designs and patents will ensure the customers’ ability to identify the genuine Tuft from copies.  The ability to develop from your own identity provides continuity in business.  Customers will have a reference point and will be eager to see the next generation of styling tools evolving.

The new design features found in TUFT V2 styling tools includes:

1.     Modular design of parts to ensure longer tool serving life.

2.     Investing in fast performing PCB boards for high performing results.

3.     Using Nano Ceramic technology and its negative ion properties to moisturise and shine the hair and neutralise hair static.

4.     Improving the heating element of the plates; speed up heating (20s), heat recovery(2s) and maintaining stability of heat

5.     Providing energy efficient modes like awaking from a standby mode with fast reheating.

6.     Incorporating floating plates to ensure maximum plate-to-hair contact as well as one-pass straightening.

7.     Installing longer heating plates for productivity.


There are vast improvements aesthetically:

1.     More choice of colours that comes in classic Black, chic modern Maroon and Pacific Ocean blue

2.     Comes with a 3m long cable with heavy duty tangle free swivel cord.

3.     Dual voltage to cater for all countries.


In the next couple of days, TUFT will be launching the followings:

1.     Tuft Diamond Plus Styler

2.     Tuft Curved Styler 

3.     Tuft Root lifter

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