Tori - Danny Pato

Collection name: Tori - ⿃鳥
Photographer: Mara Sommer
Art Director/Fashion Design/Hair: Danny Pato
Products: Davines and GHD
Illustrator: Kelly Thompson
Stylist: Rachel Morton
Makeup Artist: Kiekie Stanners

Tori - ⿃鳥 by Danny Pato
Tori - ⿃鳥 is a striking new collection from three-time New Zealand Hairdresser of the Year (2016, 2017 and 2019), Danny Pato. Bold silhouettes combined with exotic avian beauty reference ancient Japanese feminine dress codes, which are re-interpreted for a current design aesthetic. “I wanted to pay tribute to the significant influence Japan continues to have in the world of design” said Pato, “while creating a powerful, emotive connection between the heroine and the illustrated birds”.
Styling sets striking primary-coloured silhouettes against intricate avian details, creating a memory from the past with a flight to the future.

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