Thuglife Studio @ Woodlands

Mr Noor Izwan is excited about Woodlands some 4 years back. Announcing the new Thuglife Studio located in the heart of a vibrant community hub, the shop went through re-engineering and recreate itself, establishing it as a family friendly, full fledge salon - complete hairdressing services  -

Izwan said: "These days, neighbourhood customers are mostly working from home, their requirements of a complete hair services isn't just a cut and dash off.  Higher professional demands requires us to fill this gap.  We did!"

His salon features a clean minimalistic deco with warm and friendly staffs that is sure to make your visit a pleasant and memorable experience. Izwan with more than 16 years of experience, realised that his dream wasn't just the salon business, he wanted to be part of this community and serve the residents professionally and respectfully. 

Today, if you whizz through Woodlands you will not miss the hustle and bustle of this hair salon!

Thuglife Studio @ Blk 111 #01-88, Woodlands Street 13, S(730111).  Near Woodlands MRT (7 mins walk)

Golden Scissors Award - Bronze Award


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