The Parlour

Founded in 2013, The Parlour kick-started its career and is still growing strong after seven years of activity. The salon specialises in balayage and corrective colour. They also have a couple of stylists who are very skilled in precision cutting.

The interior is a small quaint space where customers can chat, hang out and even work, if they need to. Majority of their clients come in the day with their computers and paperwork. To cater to their clients, space was specially allocated for them, allowing them to work or have a place to store their belongings while their session proceeds.

The simple, modern, minimalistic approach for the interior design also aided in the ambience that Jessica was aiming for: chilled out and creative, with a dash of professionalism vibe.

“I believe that employees should live and work instead of work to live. Thus, to me, it’s important to allow a flexible working environment so that everyone can enjoy what the world has to offer.” — Jessica Kerns, Founder of The Parlour

Where: 33 Lowland Rd, #00-H (Unit H), S(547429)
Call: +65 8106 8099

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