The Colour Basics

Think you know all about hair colour? Think again!

Having been active in the industry for more than 30 years, Master Stylist Thomas Lee from Cinq Salon has gotten the chance to work with the majority of the professional hair brands. His experiences allowed him to gain exposure with the various brands’ products, learn, adapt and improve his skills in using them.

Now, giving back to the industry, Thomas shares with us some of his knowledge about colour.

What did you have in mind when you wanted to talk about colour and all?

Colour is not as simple as what everyone, stylists and customers alike, thinks because many factors are affecting the colour one sees in his hair.

Here are some factors to list:
1) Each colour has its own undertone.
2) Some colours have a more even-level of deposit than others.
3) Some brands want their colour to look more transparent, others want it more opaque.
4) Different hair types require different deposits to colour the hair.
5) Different manufacturers produce colour formulae that target a specific hair type, ranging from fine to coarse, present in the market.

Additionally, technology today is very advanced. To get the desired colour, instructions must be followed accordingly, that includes the amount of pigment used on the hair and the process. The varying pH levels will heavily affect the results if instructions are not followed.

So, to ensure fruitful and smooth sailing salon sessions for both the customers and the stylists, I think that it is essential for everyone to know some basics about colour.

How should hairdressers educate themselves?

Attend the full course, don’t skip the basics. Companies organise seminars and courses for a reason — because the application of the colour can differ from brand to brand. As mentioned previously, each company has their respective hair type target market, which requires a specific colour formula and process that can vary from another company’s. So, do attend the full course and remember to ask questions to clarify any doubts.

What advice do you have for hairdressers, especially when it comes to colouring various hair types?

The first thing we must remember and take note is that Asian and Western hair colour have different undertones. On top of that, the thickness of the hair for different ethnicity and race can also vary. Because of this, I would recommend a salon to carry a minimum of two brands to cater to a wider range.

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