Shun Sakurai Hair and Beauty

Formerly having studied architecture, Shunsuke Sakurai took a leap and entered the service industry, pursuing his dreams with his extroverted personality and passion in hair. After exploring various hair services, he mastered the art of hair cut to provide the best-suited hairstyles for various head shapes. Eventually, with his business partner, he founded Shun Sakurai Hair and Beauty in September 2017.

The salon is designed to give off the minimalistic and cosy vibe by using three main colours: white, wood brown and black. To provide a full Japanese experience for the customers, Shun replicated the look and feel of a traditional Japanese home, keeping it simple and spacious with a variety of plants for a homely touch. The seats are all separated nicely with compartments to ensure the customers’ comfort and privacy.

"I believe that appearance plays a huge role in one’s confidence level. A well-suited hairstyle can greatly improve one’s mood and the way one portrays him/herself. With that in mind, I am really grateful to have my passion as my profession, because I believe that it can make a difference to others." — Shun Sakurai

Where: CHIJMES, 30 Victoria Street, #B1-08, S(187996)
Call: +65 6250 0353
Instagram/Facebook: @shunsakurai_salon /

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