Shiseido Professional FUTURE LEGACY

Each year Shiseido Professional introduces a set of beauty looks series called, “Beauty Innovator”. This year, Shiseido Professional is changing its concept by creating looks based on multiple trend elements (fashion, makeup, social trends).  

Future Legacy conveys an attitude toward learning from the past and the importance of working hard towards a brighter future. 

In light of the current social trends, Shiseido Professional created original looks that interpret the meaning of ‘Future Legacy’ with romantic looks that brightens the world through beauty creations. 

Features of the female look:

Compatibility in mismatching; a straight linear cut with a punk edge and wide bangs dyed with splashes of contradictory colours arranged side by side.

By raising saturation and brightness to the limit, the vivid colours look beautiful on black hair.

The pearly highlights on the cheekbones make for a dimensional makeup look.

Features of the male look:

Urban but with punk masculinity, a bold free-style

A collage of vivid high tone colours on a simple short cut.

The vivid colour raised to its limit, shining like neon in the night; with simple colours boldly arranged on the side.

The makeup inspired by street art.


BY: Shiseido Beauty Creation Center 

HAIR & MAKEUP: Ikuko Shindo &Joji Taniguchi, Shiseido Top Hair & Makeup Artist 


PHOTOGRAPHER: Yusuke Miyazaki 

STYLIST: Tsuyoshi Noguchi

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