The heart of the earth sounds like a call to its tribes. She exalts colours in oxide shades of cobalt blue, sienna or sulfur yellow. Nature always takes back its rights, and Man cannot do anything about it. Tiny mushrooms cover the walls with acid colours and the metal rust, patina. Nature sculpts itself with works of art of incredible delicacy. It is adorned with organic colours worthy of Raphaël’s paintings of sumptuous browns with powdery beige as nature reveals its unique creations. The Senses S/S 2020 collection is inspired by a secret nature in the heart of a forest, a mountain range, where no one has yet been able to penetrate. Colours become softer and blend delicate nuances of Siberian white, powder grey and ash beige.

Credits :


Hair: Elise Antoine 

Photo: Pawel Wylag

Make-up: Natasza Bigos

Stylist: Joanna Wolff

Production: MKproduction & Christophe Gaillet

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