PADMA — Lyndal Salmon

Hair Stylist - Lyndal Salmon @lyndalsalmon
Colourist - Marilyn Guarino @marilynguarino
Photographer - Karla Majernic @karla_majnaric_photography
Make-Up Artist - Bernice Mansfield @bernicemakeupartist
Stylist - Vy Nguyen @ynvynyty
Models - Eva Akhurst, Cherry De Vere, Indiga Christy, Eidie Johnston, Sarah Moore, Reagen Oliver, Anna Baeton.

Lyndal Salmon

This collection is an expression of hair craft, channelling the concept, ‘form follows function’. Shot white on white, the focus is on shape, shade and form allowing the viewer to see detail, movement and composition without distraction. Each cut and colour was specifically created for the woman you see in the shot – women I found whilst wandering the streets of Melbourne.

The collection is named Padma (lotus flower), because even through darkness and uncertainty, honest craftsmanship can beam through unstained, pure in beauty and stronger than ever.

Looking back to cutting masters that mentor me and the iconic work produced by industry icons, like Vidal Sassoon, I wanted to strip back a lot of smoke and mirrors. I wanted to show the industry that cutting and colouring hair still matters and that beauty created for the individual is powerful, real and relevant in today’s hairdressing fashion photography.

Marilyn Guarino

My aim was to simplify the work as much as possible. Simple, beautiful, effective and not to change the women but to beautify the looks. I also wanted to reflect there beauty and complement their skin tones and the colours being used by utilizing white clothes and background. Keeping it pure to bring the models features and attributes to be the main focus I want them to look like an expensive painting hanging in the gallery.

The colour work on this collection is monochromatic reflecting different shades of the same tone, I also used a global vision to soften and tone to complement the shape and form of the haircut.

I wanted to work with colour that gave a feeling of happiness to the end result. This allows my crafting of colour shine through. I feel that the colour I have created gives you a sense of wearability and will allow the consumer to enjoy different shades and variations of these colours. This kind of colour can be worn as they are easy on the eye and realistically achievable and just beautiful on any skin tone.

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