Nutella for Hair?!

Remember that sensation in 2016? Dye your hair with Nutella? With all the mixed opinions, aren’t you curious to know if it’s really possible to dye your hair with Nutella? After much research done on those who have tried it, we’re here to set that rumour straight.

Many beauty YouTubers, even publications and media companies, have covered that interesting piece of beauty news. It all started when Huda Kattan went from blonde to brunette with Nutella, done by Abed & Samer hair salon.

However, after watching videos and reading what bloggers have to say about their experience with Nutella hair dye — Refinery29 even invited professional hairstylist Sean Bennett for the application process, the end results were not what was expected.

There was little to no colour change after processing and washing away the Nutella on the hair. Blonde hair simply remained blonde. It was quite a let down for those who were hoping to go a little darker.

On the other hand, there is something that those who tried it can agree on. Nutella does make the hair shinier and softer, which is most likely thanks to the palm oil present in it. Palm oil is known to have deep conditioning abilities that make the hair shinier, softer and adds volume to the hair.

Conclusion? Let’s keep Nutella as our favourite chocolate dessert and bread spread. Because there are other homemade hair masks available that can give the same or better results than Nutella. Not to mention, they’re a lot less messy.

Happy World Nutella Day!

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