Nioxin Media Launch

Date: 12 June 2019
Venue: Open Farm Community

As hairdressers, you are aware that hair loss affects the young and the old; statistically, it affects approximately 35 million men and 21 million women, worldwide. There is a huge demand for products and treatments that help achieve fuller hair and a healthy scalp.

To meet this demand, Nioxin introduced their new 3-Part Systems Kits in a media launch at the Open Farm Community, attended by social media influencers and other media professionals.

A one of a kind global research commissioned by Nioxin and led by Yale University psychologist, Dr Marianne LaFrance, found the impact of hair thinning and their social media behaviour.

The new Nioxin 3-part Systems and targeted 3D Solutions is the answer to the search of thicker, fuller hair. The skincare approach is backed by research where Nioxin identified signs linked to thinning hair.

Working on the Derma to promote a healthy scalp environment and hair growth resulting in changes in the Density of hair strands and their Diameter, Nioxin 3D Solutions form a complete day-to-night care routine on the path to thicker and fuller hair.

“We hope the new innovations in our 3-Part Systems Kits instill confidence for those experiencing hair thinning who want fuller hair and don't want to compromise on hair colour, so they can embrace a fuller life and share without hesitation.” Says Ai Choo Fernandez, Nioxin Education Manager.

Nioxin believes that every client’s hair is unique and needs tailored care; that is why Nioxin takes a personalised approach where they are inspired by skincare; designed to cleanse, optimise and treat to provide thicker, fuller looking hair.

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