Hair: Christian Ríos, Christian Ríos Salón

Photographer: Esteban Roca

MUA: Nacho Sanz

Stylist: Christian Ríos, Rosa Hernando Designs, Yaidelin Peralta

Products: Revlon Professional, Kevin Murphy

Models: Belén, Tyler, Maria, Luu, Paula

There is a haircut inspired by the mullet fishermen of the 60s and the 70s who, to protect themselves from sunburn in the nape, grew their hair in the back of their necks. The English name for this type of fish (Mugilidae) is mullet, hence the haircut took the same name.

This collection pays tribute to the ‘Mullet’, adding clear influences of the Glam Rock style and the 80s. This hairstyle has been worn by great figures in music and cinema, that is both conservative and vindicatory, and has been used for many as a symbol of rebellion.

In this collection, Christian Ríos wanted to mix both aspects (conservative and vindicatory). The prints, the flaps, and the glitter in clothing represent the most conservative aspect and the Glam influence, along with very clean and fresh make-up on satin skins. All of this is combined with mullet-style haircuts without an excessive disconnection in the nape to give the look a fresh touch and to adapt it to the current times. In addition, the soft colours do not diminish the role of clothing and haircuts.

The combination results in a collection of a romantic but strong and powerful woman: an independent woman.

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