Mucota Bubble Colour Pro Launch

Date: 21 August 2019
Venue: The Riverwalk

"A good workman doesn't blame his tools, but with great tools, he can create wonders!" — Jin Wei, internationally-renowned balayage master

On 21 August, Master Jin Wei, one of the best international Balayage Masters, was invited to showcase his skills, best works and share some tips and techniques on how to achieve the perfect balayage using Mucota Bubble Colour Pro products.

Mucota's latest innovation, Bubble Colour Pro, is less-damaging, fast and easy-to-use. Stylists can cut down the colouring time by at least half while reducing the damage on clients’ hair. On top of that, Bubble Colour Pro is the only permanent tone-on-tone colour in the market.

Mucota Bubble Colour Pro is distributed by Prime Wellness Pte Ltd. Bubble Colour Pro Hairshow is powered by Dyson Supersonic Professional Edition and documented by our official media partner Hairdressers Club 发型师俱乐部.

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