M&P 3-Day Seminar Course

Date: 13 – 15 August 2019

Venue: Kao Salon Academy Singapore

From 13 to 15 August, Goldwell Singapore hosted a 3-Day Fusion Cutting Course by the globally famed M&P Academy Team, at Kao Salon Academy Singapore with 90 stylists from all over the island city-state.

It was a compact and intensive programmed aligned with the M&P’s logical hair cutting approach and motto that is suitable for stylists of all levels. From fundamental knowledge of shapes, techniques to adaptation of core principles and how to apply them on customers based on suitability – Jean-Baptiste and Fanette taught the stylists not just how to cut hair but WHY.

The course wrapped up with inspirational sharing of artistic works and collections along with the creativity which lies behind it; explained in intricate details.

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