Mesmeric Collection

My Collection inspiration came from nothing in particular but purely from my imaginative state of innocence from the early years. A Human-like mystical being that has magical powers and is known from their elegance and beauty. I wanted to somehow combine a memory from early childhood times from my imaginative fantasy into a feminine mesmeric collection to visualize in nowadays. I was influenced to create this collection as I always had a vision of my first collection to be one that was captivating and beautiful, a style that reprints me as a person and what I’ve always found fascinating and alluring. I wanted textures in the hair that resembled natural elegance, movements of curly, tousled hair and even straight sleek hair.

Hairstylist: Bridie Meehan
Salon: Joey Scandizzo Salon
Photography: Karla Majnaric
Stylist: Karly Brown
Makeup: Georgia Ramman

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