Medusa Bloom (Jelly Fish)

The Jelly fish. A fascinating creature with its colourful glow and illuminating beauty. Long lustrous tentacles extending transparent and luminous colour that captivates and mesmerises. A creature that can be so deadly yet carries so much beauty.


Inspire by the wonderful world of Jelly Fish. The vision of the collection was of calm and grace. The concept was to look at the images and appreciate how the colours illuminate  beauty and glow. Blending seamlessly together with styling and photography I wanted to create the illusion that the images are softly moving so you drift into a space that is hypnotic radiating a sense of peace.






Colour: Kristie Kesic @cobellecreative @kristiekesic

Hair: Elle Broadhurst @ellebroadhurst @cobellecreative

Photography: Georgia Wallace @georgiawallacepictorial

Makeup: Gemma Elaine @gemmaelaine

Stylist: Tamzen Holland @tamzenholland

Salon: Cobelle Creative

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