Mask On?

Mask on?

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As the virus is starting to ramp up again, we’re once again met with the complication; mask on, or mask off. The Singapore Government mandates that you only wear a mask if you are sick, but people are wearing masks regardless if they are feeling unwell. Should all hairdressers start donning masks when doing hair for customers? 

This thought comes in light of the 58-year-old home based hairdresser who tested positive for the coronavirus on the 8th of March. She had told her appointments that she felt unwell, but her customers were not worried and carried on with their haircuts. 

“I normally wear a mask for hygiene reasons when cutting hair anyway, and that was what I did then” - referring to the 10 appointments from the week before her diagnosis. 

When notified of her virus, the customers did not blame their hairdresser, instead consoled her, saying she took the appropriate precautions. 

As service providers, we should definitely wear a mask if we’re feeling unwell, or even better, stop going to work. However, the former isn’t feasible when most salons are struggling to find manpower. 

So mask on then? Well, given that hairdressers work in close proximity to their customers and meet new people everyday, we’d say yes. There’s very few reasons to forgo the mask, and consumers appreciate the small efforts taken to make them feel safe. Some salons even go as far as to provide masks for their clients during appointments. 

Even during non-pandemic periods, we would also encourage hairdressers to wear a surgical mask when working with strong chemicals that are common in the salon. 

You can refer to the official masks guide here. 

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