Making Waves

Kate Moss-inspired - this shoulder-length, loose textured hair with an over-hanging fringe is the perfect style for summer.

INSPIRATION: Taken from the classic finger waves that have been used in different ways at Fashion Week.  Pushing finger waves to a modern way creating a contrast of shiny to dry textures using clips to accessorise and keep the shape flat.

KEY ELEMENTS: The knowledge of classic finger waves is essential as this will give you the understanding of dressing any kind of waves and also gives you the confidence to push this to a more modern result.


1 Take a central profile parting with a pintail comb. 

2 Apply gel from the roots to the mid-lengths of the hair.

3 Combing hair at a natural fall, place finger parallel to the parting in an equal distance and direct the hair in between the fingers in a forward and back direction, alternating a finger wave technique. 

4 Apply label.m Hold and Gloss Spray to the end of the back area of the hair and create a  knot in the middle of the length. 

5 The entire head is diffused and left to cool down.  

6 The knot is removed and a nice distressed texture should appear, decorating the side behind the ear with clips or accessories to get a flatter and more modern feel.

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