Making The Best Out Of The Current Situation

Making The Best Out Of The Current Situation

“Use this quiet time to your advantage” 

- Jamie Brooks, co-owner of Brooks & Brooks Hairdressing, London

In the current situation, salons are already noticing no shows and cancellations, as consumers feel uneasy travelling or being in close proximity to other people. And while it’s a worrying time for salon owners, it’s also the perfect opportunity to take advantage of free time with your team and a chance to look at your policies and procedures.

Jamie Brooks, co-owner at Brooks & Brooks, London, says while it’s a difficult time, it’s also a time for reflection and re-evaluation. 

“Many of our older team members remember the 2008 recession, but for our younger members, this is the first time they have experienced something like this. As we head into spring it’s usually a busy time in the salon, so if it’s quiet don’t panic; use the time to look at your team, your services and your products. We don’t know how long this pandemic is going to last so use this time wisely and your business could benefit in the long run.”

Here are our tips on how to make the best of the current situation: 

1. Start or clean-up your salon's social media profile. 

A salon's social media profile is one of its strongest marketing tools, keeping it updated and properly curated is very important. Clean up pictures and posts that don't fit into your salon's branding, update your addresses, price lists (if any) and phone numbers. Draft out a solid plan for constant posts throughout the next few months. Some salons even offer online consultations this season so people can work out what to do with their hair when they jump back to work later this year. 

Social media is the best way to also keep your clients informed of any updates to your salon. H4ufme offers salon specific social media services. You can contact us here. 

2. Declutter your salon.

It’s easy to accumulate things you don’t use anymore, so throw away out-of-date magazines, clean out lockers and drawers of old stationery and papers, and throw away old, broken equipment.

3. Take advantage of the various free online courses. 

Many professional brands are starting to Livestream their lessons over social media. Take some time to watch these to improve your skills as a stylist. Not only should you improve your hairdressing skills, but you should also improve your skills as an employee or a salon owner. Start learning about business, marketing or even finance. One great resource is Grow My Salon Business on YouTube. 

4. Re-evaluate your expenses. 

Is there a better alternative to your refreshments? Or the magazines that you offer, have they become exorbitantly expensive? It’s time to go through your expenses and see if anything can be optimised.  

5. Rethink your products, services and menu.

Have a look at the services you provide, are there some that are wildly more popular? Or have your clients come in and ask for specific services you don’t offer? Why not go for courses to learn the latest styles and trends. This is the perfect time to give your menu a spring refresh. 

6. Practise new techniques and skills.

You might have a few techniques you're not confident enough to use in the salon. Buy some dolly heads and start practising! Whether it is with the scissors or with chemicals, any extra time you spend perfecting new skills will be great for your career, especially given that hairstylists are always busy. There isn't a better time to try new techniques and learn new skills, and as a bonus, your bosses will be super impressed. 

7. Log in extra in-house training. 

Take advantage of the lesser clients and have a day where the senior stylists can train the junior stylists. Have a trend day, curl day or a colour training day. 

8. Create content. 

Hairdressers can consider partnering with content creators or create their own content. You can make educational videos on techniques you're really good at to share with the industry or make tutorials on the products that you carry in the salon. 

If you are interested in creating content, we’re always looking for ideas, contact us here

9. Prepare for your comeback.

The situation will inevitably get better, so plan your future appointments. Call your clients in advance to book appointments in the future when they all have to get back to work. By scheduling properly, you’ll be able to accommodate all your clients in the week everyone starts going to the office. 

10. Spend time with your family.

We all know hairdressers are busy people, coming home late every night, working weekends... Spend more time with your family this season, they will appreciate it. Cook a nice meal for your family, play more games with your kids, or create a romantic candlelit date at home with your partner. A happy family is a happy hairstylist, and a happy hairstylist is a happy client! 

11. Focus on yourself.

Some of you might be overworked, stressed and tired. Take a break, do something you love. If your home or workplace is messy, clean it up, throw away things that you don't need. Start doing something you never had the time to when you were busy such as painting, cooking, or exercising; come back from this crisis stronger and better. 

12. Plan. 

As everything is being shut down slowly, there is a looming threat of a complete lockdown. Come up with contingency plans for your staff if this happens. Outline the steps your salon will take in the event of a lockdown. It’s always better to plan ahead. 

Even though in Singapore there is no news of any lockdown, it is essential for us as salon owners to plan ahead to ensure that at the end of this pandemic, we are still afloat and are ready to meet the needs of our customers. Because when all this is over, our customers will come to us to refresh their looks! So keep your head and hopes up!

Written with contribution from Jamie Brooks, co-owner of Brooks & Brooks Hairdressing, London

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