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Kevin Murphy, the world renowned hair stylist and founder of KEVIN.MURPHY, has been a session and editorial stylist for over three decades, having his first work published in Australian Vogue in 1984. It’s this background that inspires KEVIN.MURPHY’s latest educational course, SESSION.SALON, which recently launched in North America after sensational success in over 15 countries around the world.

SESSION.SALON teaches stylists to turn the salon into a fashion show where clients are the supermodels. Throughout the SESSION.SALON journey, the SALON.STYLISTS will learn what it takes to become a super stylist and explore the parallel lines between the editorial world and the salon. Stylists will develop in-depth knowledge, gain insight into the exciting world of editorial styling and learn how to translate runway looks for their clients. Salons are able to nominate one top hairdresser to participate in the four-step program, which culminates with a fashion-show inspired graduation ceremony. The courses are as follows:

SESSION.SALON.ONE: THE.START: Stylists will receive first-hand knowledge about what it takes to be a member of the SESSION.SALON team, learn the KEVIN.MURPHY brand philosophy and gain extensive product knowledge. Stylists will also learn how to ask the right questions to uncover their client’s ultimate hair dreams and maximize the use of the KEVIN.MURPHY tools to expand their skills.

SESSION.SALON.TWO: BACK.STAGE: Understanding product is the key to unlocking a client’s needs and achieving their desired finish. Just like working backstage at a fashion show, a stylist needs to know exactly how to apply product and how it’s going to perform. Stylists will learn how to cope with the demands of a high-pressure environment where the ability to listen, knowledge and timing will be a make or break!

SESSION.SALON.THREE: THE.BRIEF: This session takes stylists through the process of breaking down a brief and explores how to identify seasonal fashion trends that can be shared with their salon teams and clients. The day includes storyboarding a concept, following a brief to develop a look and showcasing this look to the class.

SESSION.SALON.FOUR: GRADUATION: The stylists are now ready to unleash their newfound creativity onto the world. The final challenge is to create a new KEVIN.MURPHY look on a
live model and present it to their peers and guests at an intimate graduation celebration. Stylists are able to invite their salon team members and demonstrate what they’ve learned
over the SESSION.SALON journey.

For more information about KEVIN.MURPHY SESSION.SALON program contact WOORAILOORA.COM.SG 

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