KEVIN.MURPHY introduces the new scalp regimen, the SCALP.SPA Scrub and SCALP.SPA Wash. By incorporating ingredients commonly found in skincare products – such as micelles and coconut oil – the brand is staying true to its philosophy of “skincare for your hair”. 


The SCALP.SPA scrub lays the foundation for optimal scalp health and hair growth by cleansing the scalp from impurities and preparing the scalp for the SCALP.SPA wash. Once the scalp is prepped and scrubbed, the gentle formulation of Micellar Water and Celery Seed Extract in the SCALP.SPA wash moisturises, soothes and purifies the scalp and hair.


For clients who are frequent users of dry shampoos and are prone to product build-up, the SCALP.SPA duo is gentle for daily use. It unclogs impurities, tones and soothes the scalp without stripping the scalp and hair of its moisture. 


The KEVIN.MURPHY SCALP.SPA Scrub and Wash will be available at Woorailoora Pte Ltd in September 2020. 

Distributed by: Woorailoora Pte Ltd

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