KEVIN.MURPHY has taken innovation to the next level with the launch of EVERLASTING.COLOUR, a range of colour preserving products formulated to restore and strengthen chemically-treated hair and extend the vibrancy and shine of hair colour over time.

Utilising bond building and protein multiplying technology, KM.BOND, is designed to form a shield of protection that guards against breakage by building strength from within. Ultimately protecting the hair from damage. This range of colour loving products also assists in halting mineral build-up from hard water, as well as protects against colour fade created by environmental aggressors such as oxidants, free radicals and UVA/UVB exposure. There are 4 new products in this range:

EVERLASTING.COLOUR WASH gently cleanses while respecting the natural pH of the scalp and helps to close the cuticle and impart a brilliant shine. It helps with keeping colour locked in longer and guards against mineral accumulation which can be a major reason colour doesn’t look as good as the day you left the salon.

EVERLASTING.COLOUR RINSE was formulated to protect against damage. It restores the hair cuticle to maintain the hair fibre’s strength from root to tips. A blend of superfood ingredients along with Organic Black Cumin Seed Oil, Rice Proteins and Inulin from Chicory Root pack a colour protecting punch.

EVERLASTING.COLOUR LEAVE-IN is your daily boost of protection from colour fade caused by environmental pollutants. In a new shift to science, the brand has added bond-building and pH lock technology to this weightless spray. Ingredients like Moringa Oleifera Seed Extract helps to repair and protect while Rice Proteins are for resilience.

EVERLASTING.COLOUR TREATMENT is the hero product! With bond-building technology designed to protect against colour fading, enhance shine and vibrancy and treat the hair fibers from the inside. It helps to build strength for improved hair health, colour brilliance and longevity.

EVERLASTING.COLOUR will be available in Singapore in March to provide both salon solutions and a perfect ritual for wellness and colour maintenance at home. Inclusivity, sustainability and the joy of science – a boundary-blurring innovation from KEVIN.MURPHY + COLOR.ME.

To learn more about EVERLASTING.COLOUR or anything about KEVIN.MURPHY or COLOR.ME, speak with our Customer Engagement at +65 9126 0507 or visit

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