June's personal painting auctioned and proceeds donated to Singapore Association for Mental Health!

Every year,  the month of May is Mental Health Month in the USA. This awareness is rapidly spreading worldwide, as populations struggle to understand mental issues, their suffering and the support they require.

Mental wellness is the new topic of discussion these days, many shun this conversation or don't know anything about these illnesses. The pandemic created such a perfect storm that those suffering mental illness were somehow brought into the spotlight on the news, regular news posted about mental suffering, care givers suffering, work discrimination, friendship discords and the like. With the increased exposure, we have started to be more empathetic to those suffering directly and indirectly. Rapid awareness caught the countries unprepared.

If we know someone who is suffering and we feel helpless, we can only sympathise and there isn’t any area we can be involved in social capacity.

J ‘s Salon, in celebrating their 35th Anniversary, supported the Singapore Association for Mental Health. They generously donated the entire fund raised during their anniversary celebration.  MP Darryl David, Ang Mo Kio GRC, was the Guest of Honour, delivering an opening speech to garner public and private enterprises to back up the Government’s initiatives for mental health. 

Awareness and the education among our people will help to create a greater understanding and acceptance towards sufferers directly or indirectly, developing  programmes and social support to help this group especially the underprivileged. 

Businesses, communities, religion, enterprises, have to learned how not to discriminate against those who may be mentally affected due to work or family, abuses or emotional upheaval.

We are thankful for the generous and charitable heart of J’s Salon directors - June Ng and Johnny Tan.  June’s private work of art was auctioned off and various generous contributions and donations poured in through their business network.

They are thankful for all big and small donations and contributions, especially who took time to be present during this event.

Special thanks and appreciation goes out to the following VIP guests

1. Dato Seri Jackson Teo, PBM

2. Dr Toh Soon Huat JP, BBM, PVPA

3. Mr Neo Kah Kiat, PBM

4. Mr Joel Ho, Rainbow Aquarium

5. Mr Pang Lim, Kou Fu

6. Mr Timothee

A total amount of $102,044.00, almost double their targeted sum, was raised that night and presented to Singapore Association for Mental Health. 

Let’s be kind and helpful toward our people struggling directly or indirectly from mental health.

Any further enquiries, you can contact Singapore Association for Mental Health @ 1800-283-7019 for assistance and further reference.

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