Introducing the VELVET.FLORA fantasy collection Part 1

Introducing the VELVET.FLORA fantasy collection, inspired in part by The Roses of Heliogabalus, painted in 1888 by Anglo-Dutch artist Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadama, that depicts the young Roman Emperor Heliogabalus hosting a decadent banquet with guests immersed in drifts of petals. This collection alludes to the halcyon days of summer, the scent of flowers in full bloom, the sound of bees humming, and the dappled light piercing the vines that surround a charming Italian villa - this is VELVET.FLORA. A fantasy transcribed through hair, summer essence, ways of nature and interpretation.

It is here in our VELVET.FLORA fantasy that our MUSE, our captivating hostess, invites you into her world of romance and glamour. See a kaleidoscope of color, feel the cascading blooms and experience the sensation of being completely lost in beauty—a unique dream of your imagination. Drifts of flowers form a cushion that softens your sense of reality and allows you to feel swept away toward a sensorial future of hope, love and togetherness. As you look beyond the beauty that drew you in, you discover freedom of expression among a community of human beings mingling in perfect harmony.

Directed by Kevin Murphy and shot by photographer Luis Murphy. The full hair team included Nathan Gorman, Wade Blackford, James Nicholson, & Xeneb Allen. The color team included Kate Reid & Lucus Dowling. The artistic team included stylist Emily Ward & Olivia Foulds, while makeup artist included Kenneth Higgins & Chelsea Burns. The Digital and Video team included John O’Rourke and Reuben Gates. Extensions by Showpony.

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