In Spite Of… Collection


Creative Team: SK Style Barcelona

Art Director: Alexander Kiryliuk 

Hair: Kílian Garrigós and Inna Lipkovich 

Photography: David Arnal 

Retouch: Fani Martin 

Make-up: Miguel Silva 

Stylist: Yana Bodyak 

Stylist Assistant: Ilonka Makaronka 

Video: German de la Hoz 

“I do not wish you to live in times of change," said ancient wise men.

Throughout history, there have always been difficult periods: wars, epidemics, natural disasters, and economic crises.

However, despite the loss, human beings, in his eagerness to survive, have always found a way to overcome difficult situations. Sometimes the soul just needs to disconnect from worries and problems, dreaming and, if possible, enjoying the beauty. At these moments we especially value works of art for their ability to affirm life and heal the soul. Creative people subtly sense the coming changes and reflect them in their creations.

In anticipation of this difficult period for everyone, an international team of stylists, photographers and designers express their sense of future recovery from decline and highlights the struggle of art for survival in the most adverse conditions.

This is what this collection talks about: the capacity of resilience of human beings to find our way of salvation. Because life always makes its way, despite everything, In Spite Of...

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