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Tony Lin
Be U Hair Design At The Centrepoint

How long have you been a hairstylist and why did you choose this line?
I’ve been in this industry for 19 years; since I was a child, I liked to style my hair to look cool. Then, I felt that being a hairdresser not only make myself looking good but also bring beauty to others, so I started in the hairdressing industry.

What are your stronger skills?
I feel that I’m quite comprehensive in hairdressing skills. My team and I are good at hair styling. We will create their hairstyle according to their face shape, occupation, wears and lifestyle. We will match the hair colour with their skin tone, and decide whether to have curly or straight hair based on their personality. Of course, we will also integrate with the latest fashionable elements.

What do you love most about being a hairdresser?
I loved to help customers transform beautiful hairstyles and get recognition from them.

Tell us something you love about the hair industry.
This is an industry that is fully imaginative. It is not static, and the most important thing is to bring beauty to all people.

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