GSA 2019 Modern Cut Fast Fade winners interviews

Gold - Noor Muhammad - The Golden Rule Barber Co.
Silver - Solihin Zohari - Soul Hair Studio

H4: Tell me more about the look you presented during GSA? What are some challenges that you needed to overcome?

NM: The preparation that I made was simply practice, practice and more practice. I had to get a few heads and try a few different hairstyles to complete within 15 minutes so that I would be comfortable to overcome the situation on the competition day itself.

SZ: I was going for a modern geisha aesthetic and makeup at this year’s GSA. For the haircut I did something more versatile and textured on the top and the fade is just the usual skin fade.
H4: Tell us about your preparations. What are some challenges that you needed to overcome?

NM: The challenges that I faced on the competition day itself was, the rest of the competitors. Well, anything can happen and we won't know how prepared they are for this and such. That was the challenge.

SZ: In preparation for this competition, I had to time myself for every fade that I did in the salon. I also had to make sure I improve on my pacing and routine of the haircut to fit within 15 mins; this took awhile as I usually don’t rush my haircuts and took my time to perfect everything.
H4: Thoughts on your results..

NM: I still can get over the win till today. It was a feeling that I will never forget.

SZ: To be honest I felt I could do better, I was aiming to bring home the first prize. Although at the end of the day i guess something is still better than nothing; there's always room for improvement.

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