GSA 2019 Elegant Evening Interviews

Gold - Eugene Loh - Vintage Studio Hairdressing
Silver - Jimmy Yap - Kemistry Salon
Bronze - Mavis Liew - Hairlo Salon

H4: Tell us more about your look.
EL: This year, my theme is Fleur et Lignes. I chose to combine preserved fresh flowers and clean hair lines to complement the overall simple and elegant features. I got my inspiration from my Art Director where preserved fresh flowers can also signify preserving beauty.

JY: My inspiration came from flappers of the 1920s fused with the 1950's look. Instead of using the feather headband, I used real hair to achieve that look and topped it off with modern makeup and jewellery to make her look more elegant.

ML: For my theme, I went with something elegant and noble. Initially, I had planned to design a flower, but needed to change it because of unforeseen circumstances.
H4: How do you feel about being in the top 3?

EL: This is what I’ve been waiting for after taking part in 3 years of GSA. It was a dream come true when I heard the host read my name on stage. The feeling of lifting the trophy that moment is something I will cherish for years to come.

JY: I respect the judges’ decision. I'm just happy could make it even though it was a last-minute decision to join this category.

ML: I was very surprised. The change of design was very last minute and very different from what I had initially planned to do. So, to be able to still win third place, I feel very comforted.
What are your thoughts about GSA?
EL: I think this year’s event proceeded very smoothly. I hope to see more creative works during next year’s international competition.

JY: I guess GSA has been improving, doing better as the years go on. Maybe we can have a 15-minute elegant live styling on stage to see real skills. I hope to see more participants in Fantasy or maybe bring back the Avant-garde category.

ML: I think that GSA is a good communication platform for the hairdressing industry. It brings together talents, new and seasoned, which helps to improve our creative ability and allows us to witness the level of our skills. I hope to see more participants and their artworks next year.

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