Goldwell Singapore’s Elumenator

Two-time Goldwell Global Zoom Silver winner — for 2016 Creative Category and 2018 Partner Category — and Founder of Starlight Salon Jacky Tan had the opportunity to head over to Vienna, Austria, and become one of the four Elumenators. Let’s take a look at what he thinks about Elumen Play.

What are your thoughts about being one of the Elumenators?

It was an amazing experience to work with the Global Team. We’ve learnt how to meet international standards and demanding requirements when backstage. These are new experiences that we would only get to see and experience when working on a project outside of the daily salon routine.

Share with us your Elumen experience and your work in Vienna.

Everything was amazing. All of the stylists are very skilled and creative. We conducted a whole discussion to plan out who use which colour so that we can showcase more varieties. My model’s hair contained purple because I wanted to experiment and try out the colour. I feel that we, as a team, all worked very well together to perform the showcase. It was really challenging but also an eye-opening experience.

What are your thoughts on Elumen Play?

Elumen Play is a fascinating product with advanced technology inculcated into it. It is one of the few products which allows both the hairstylist and customers to play with colour. Not only that, the application is made easier. So, an inexperienced stylist can also use it with little to no problems.

How is Elumen Play different from Elumen Classic?

Elumen Play is very suitable for customers who like to change their hair colour often. This is something Elumen Classic cannot give because Elumen Classic is meant to be long-lasting. Additionally, the shininess of Elumen Play’s colours is very intense, capable of giving the hair a healthy and shiny look.

What do you like most about Elumen Play?

I like the texture and the easy application of Elumen Play. I’ve tried it on my hair before and noticed that it leaves a cool feeling after application. On top of that, since the colour does not oxidise and that it contains fewer chemicals, it is suitable for everyone.

What are you looking forward to in the future?

I look forward to working with the other Elumenators again. Because all of us originate from different countries, I believe that we can come up with creative and inspiring works because of our different cultures.

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