Goldwell ColorZoom 2019 — J Lim

J Lim
Starlight Salon
Goldwell ColorZoom 2019
Global Champion - New Talent Category

With almost 5 years of experience and out seeking to improve herself, J Lim participated in Goldwell’s 2019 ColorZoom Challenge for the very first time and clinched the Global Champion title for the New Talent Category!

What is your inspiration for the competition hairstyle?

My competition hairstyle was inspired by nature and the ocean. I had the imagery of a tree, an island and the ocean and I tried to fit them all into my work.

Participating Goldwell ColorZoom for the very first time, tell us about your preparation process?

During preparations, I was a lot busier than usual, so time management is very important. The very first thing I did after I decided to take part to order the dolly heads for practice. I would spend my off days, I would go back to the salon to plan and practice.

I got to learn a lot of things throughout the entire process. When participating in competitions, you’d get to create works that are hardly done and seen in salons. Also, the preparation process for the competition is different as compared to day-to-day operations in the salon. Despite all the pressure I faced, my boss and colleagues supported me and I learnt a lot along the way.

What are you looking forward to as part of the Global Artistic Team?

I can’t wait to see the masterpieces done by seasoned professionals and share it with my colleagues when I return.

Any tips or advice for those who want to participate?

I feel that we need to complete the competition with our heart and not just to complete for the sake of completing. Also, you need to manage your time, plan, strategise and most importantly, practice very hard.

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