Fusion — Hot Shots Team

Collection Credits:
Hair: Travis Bandiera, Ryan King, Amanda O’Connor and Nikki Porter
Creative Director: Brodie Lee Tsiknaris
Photography: Andrew O’Toole
Make Up Artist: Kenneth Higgins
Stylist: Poppy Key

Collection Inspiration/Stimulus

This collection is a story of individual creatives fusing their talents together. The Hot Shots Team came together with award winning photographer Andrew O’Toole, award winning Make Up Artist Kenneth Higgins, well known Stylist Poppy Key with mentorship by award winning Creative Director Brodie Lee Tsiknaris and founder of the HOT SHOTS initiative Linda Woodhead, to create this collection as part of their 12-month experience as a member of the team.

The brief was to be shot tight combining textures through the hair with a colour pallet of Musky Pinks, Smokey greens, rich browns, blondes and copper. Tones represented individualism moving away from pastel and deep in to the depths of the future. The mood for Fusion is sexy yet edgy with strong lines in haircuts with shape forming textures in hair styled both up and down.

The beautiful blue background influenced from the 70s, with skin so pure and styling in black… This is Fusion .... All about the Hair

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