Elumen Play by Goldwell is the latest colour product in town!

Elumen Play will make your creative colouring services easy and fun!
We had the pleasure to meet Jacky Tan from Starlight Salon, Elumen expert, and 1 of 4 internationally appointed hair colourists to showcase the new Elumen Play.

Watch Jacky demonstrate how Elumen Play is designed for maximum colour fun!

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Elumen Play
The new Elumen Play is a semi-permanent colour that creates shine while leaving the hair healthy-looking. With Elumen Play’s HDmax Technology, the colour sits on the outer and inner levels of the hair cuticle, allowing them to fade on tone. Frequent changing of colours isn’t a problem either as with Elumen Play Eraser, customers get to go with drastic colour changes without excessive hair damage. The Shine and Care Technology makes the hair shine and ensures that it is healthy-looking.

全新的Elumen Play半永久性染剂让染后发色充满健康的光泽感。Elumen Play的HDmax科技,颜色处于毛鳞片的内外层,即使褪色也维持在同色调。频密更换发色也不是问题,配合Elumen Play Eraser可让秀发换色更加得心应手,而且不会对头发造成过多伤害。Shine和 Care技术使秀发呈现迷人光泽,看起来健康、亮丽。

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