Do you know that an average salon basin uses an estimated 568 litres of water per day? 

So, let ECOHEADS help you save on your salon utility bills.

This environmentally-friendly showerheads will not only minimise water usage by up to 65%, it will also give your clients a wonderful hairwash experience through its improved water pressure. The patented shower-plate technology increases the water pressure by two times to create a powerful stream, thus cutting rinsing time by half. 

In addition, Ecoheads cleanses the water with a two-step filtration process to ensure that you are rinsing the hair with clean water that has the added benefit of tourmaline which introduces negative ions to the water. The filtration system also removes sediment, dirt and rust from the water by capturing it in a removable filter that is simple to clean before it gets to your client’s hair. 

The signature ecostones in the neck of the showerhead introduces negative ions which aids in softenening the water. Ultimately giving your clients a softer and smoother finish through the added moisture and smoothened hair shaft.  

Take the first step to reducing environmental footprint and cutting down on your water bills with Ecoheads. Giving you and your clients cleaner and softer water everyday. 

Distributed by: Woorailoora Pte Ltd

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