COVID-19 Is Changing The Way Salons Provide Services

Singapore will slowly ease off its Circuit Breaker measures in three phases; the first phase will start 2nd June 2020. On 2 June 2020, salons are finally able to provide their entire menu of services. However, salons are still expected to practice safe distancing measures in the salon and limit to 10 people in the salon per time. 

As customers will be spending more than an hour in the salon doing extensive hair services, how can you ensure the safety of everyone? Aside from hair services, as a service provider, we’ve always pride ourselves in providing the best service for our customers. However, things are changing and this is our new normal; we have to step up on sanitation and hygiene no matter how troublesome it gets. Here are some ways you can continue providing quality service without compromising on quality. 

1 If before this crisis you have been offering drinks in a nice glass on a beautiful tray. Now, consider using (nice) disposable cups or offer your customers premium packaged drinks instead. 

** In the name of sustainability, you can encourage your customers to bring their own bottle, and you can provide them with your delicious teas poured into it.

2 Do not reuse the robes or capes. Ensure that you have enough robes for your clients for the next two days so you have enough time to wash and disinfect the robes before your next batch of clients. This applies to towels as well. Alternatively, you can provide disposable robes. 

3 Remove all magazines or newspapers from your premises. Instead, provide wi-fi access to your customers. If you have iPads lying around in the salon, you may place it on every booth and allow your customers to watch their shows on the iPad (connected to their AirPods or earpiece) while they have their hair done. 

4 Please ensure that you limit the number of customers in your salon and practice safe distancing! You have to really plan your customer’s sessions strategically to ensure that you don’t overcrowd your salon. 

5 Most of the salons have a bowl of sweets at the reception counter. Unfortunately, that has to go. As well as any name cards. This is to prevent customers from touching the counter unnecessarily. 

6 Encourage cashless payment. 

Let’s all do our part to #FlattenTheCurve by stepping on our hygiene practices and protect ourselves and our customers from this virus. 

Cover Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

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