Achieve up to six levels of lift with COLOR.ME, the new ammonia-free cream.lightener by Kevin Murphy. These days, stylists and clients are more conscious of the ingredients in a product (especially colour) that comes in contact with their skin. COLOR.ME CREAM.LIGHTENER AMMONIA-FREE is suitable for all hair types and any lightening services, thus making it a highly versatile option to keep stocked in your salon. It is the perfect option for those looking to lighten their hair without exposure to ammonia. COLOR.ME CREAM.LIGHTENER AMMONIA-FREE is formulated with naturally derived ingredients such as Murumuru Butter and Inca Inchi Oil that is packed with essential fatty acids, Corn Proteins for added conditioning, and plant-based Candelilla Wax, which makes the formula 100% vegan. 

It allows stylists to create custom shades of multi-tonal effects and a glossy finish, whilst preserving the integrity of the hair. Its excellent performance delivers clean and perfectly even coverage, with no dripping or swelling makes the hair feel silky smooth. The gentle formulation leaves hair feeling healthy and moisturised.

Distributed by: Woorailoora Pte Ltd

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