KEVIN.MURPHY recently released BLOW.DRY, a new line of products: EVER.BOUNCE, EVER.LIFT, EVER.THICKEN, and EVER.SMOOTH. This exciting range is developed with long chain polymer technology to enhance every blow dry and create long lasting results, be it in the salon or at home. 

EVER.LIFT is formulated with Arctic Root Extract and Lavender Extract for results that last beyond your hair wash;

EVER.SMOOTH contains their Wood Bark Complex with Lemon Aspen, White Cypress and Blue Cypress that give the ultimate silky, smooth blow-dry with softness, volume and a frizz-free finish;

EVER.BOUNCE is formulated with their Phyto-Nutrient Complex that has Silver Linden and Waratah Flower Extract, which helps achieve bouncy, curly results and beach waves that last; and

EVER.THICKEN will help to achieve the look of thicker and fuller hair regardless of style thanks to their Cotton Sprout Complex which has Organic Cotton Extract and Pea Sprout Extract to help with lasting results.

All four products help to seal in moisture and repel water out which smoothens, fights frizz, and reduces friction and drying time in all climates. The effects of soft, manageable and radiant hair last through multiple washes, due to the weightless, yet durable cross-linked network created by the long chain polymers. For more information about BLOW.DRY, please visit

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