Backstage — Dion Lee Andrew

It’s a contemporary men’s collection, beginning with the idea of feminine hair on masculine bodies that evolved soft edges with masculine faces, with a backstage of fashion runway show edge, hence calling it “Backstage”.

How I came up with the looks and styling of “Backstage” was using YouTube as one of my key research engines looking at street videos from the 70s and different timelines seeing what they were wearing and how they acted to get the overall vibe of the era and bring into 2018. In terms of getting the inspiration for the looks, I personally think that men’s hair is evolving from the super tapered short back and sides and are coming into a more relaxed longer feel. Being more unique and individualized. Which is the embodiment of the collection “Backstage”

So using humans or eras that I think embodies the sense of individualism and softness of hair: 90s Brit-pop and American prep chic, a rockabilly in the 70s, shaggy mops of the 80s.

Hair: Dion Lee Andrew
Photography: Mikey Whyte
Styling: Leroy Lorenzo
Makeup: Shev Kelly

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