A Chat with Cory Couts

Following the success of the Kao Salon Global Experience, H4UFME had a quick chat with Cory Couts, Global President of Kao Salon Division on Kao Salon Division’s future collaboration and its efforts to inspire hairstylists during this circumstances.


  1. Each year, thousands of hairdressers around the world anticipate this big show in an exciting city. The Kao Salon Global Experience is a significant affair and has become a custom for all Kao Salon users. How would you continue to inspire and lift the spirits of all Kao Salon users despite the present circumstances?

I think we have proven with our extensive virtual education efforts in each country, as well as the virtual experience globally that our stylist community has been able to brilliantly adapt and our team has been able to successfully pivot to provide a new kind of inspiration. We will continue to use innovative ways to inspire, teach and add value through these circumstances and beyond. Of course, always with an eye towards being together as a group again someday.


  1. The scale of the digital challenge is daunting and yet, it has only been proven to be increasingly imperative. What can the Kao Salon Division do to further educate and transform this brick-and-mortar business to be more equipped in the digital arena?

This work has already begun. We quickly adapted our education and messages to be delivered through our virtual education, virtual academies and social media channels. Our sales teams have been using all levels of communication apps and video conferencing to introduce new products and service salons. I fully expect the future to be a hybrid of the traditional, in-person relationships combined with the accelerated digital efforts we have now implemented.


  1. Innovations innovation, the joint product research partnership with Fuji was an excellent collaboration. What other collaborations and events can we look forward to in the near future? 

Of course, we cannot spill any secrets before they can be announced, but we are constantly working with innovation leaders in other companies, in salons and in academia. The rich Kao history of R&D and continuous innovations in the art of hairdressing really opened the future to us in unique ways. This is the foundation of our way of thinking.

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