A Celebration of British Most Talented Hairdressers

Date: 2 December 2019
Venue: Intercontinental Hotel London, Park Lane (London, United Kingdom)

At the annual Fellowship for British Hairdressing Luncheon & Awards early this December at the Intercontinental Hotel London, HOB Salons bagged two awards. One of which was the Best Salon Group award that signifies HOB Salons as one of the best businesses in the hairdressing industry.

The other award was the ‘Snapshot Image of the Year’ that Jake Unger, HOB Academy’s Head of Education won with his beautiful copper style image.

With approximately 25 salons and more than 480 team members, the two awards are a wonderful addition to their collection of 60 other creative, international and business awards.

According to director Akin Konizi, “we are delighted to win the Salon Group award, which is for everyone that works for HOB Salons. We have some amazing people within the company, and we are very proud that they have been recognised for the work they do”.

In addition to HOB Salons’ win, Sally Brooks, one of the owners of Brooks & Brooks salon in Holborn, was awarded the Fellowship Hairdresser of the Year.

This award recognises the best of British Hairdressers who has worked tirelessly for the industry (both creatively and in business).

Congratulations to HOB Salons and Academy, Sally Brooks, and the rest of the winners of the Fellowship for British Hairdressing Award on winning the respective awards. We hope the recognition and appreciation from this award will encourage more hairdressers to do better at their craft and excel in their business.

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