“Our Cut, Colour and Styling looks are made modern through texture, shape and colour and embrace natural hair in all its forms so everyone has a good hair day – It’s not about hopping right back into our old life but recognising that the old life is gone and that you are happy to have turned a corner. LA, LALA!” KEVIN MURPHY.

Our goal is to help clients who are searching for ways to represent who they have now become, to place their unique foot forward. We are still heavily inspired by the sensibilities of the 1990’s but now we add a strong splash of the early 1970’s and a twist of rebellion and youthful exuberance. LA, LALA is a collection that allows us to identify individually but also collectively as one.

CUT : This season at KEVIN.MURPHY we give you shapes, textures and haircuts that allow you to help clients represent who they have become. These haircuts look at the ‘70s with new eyes. There is still a hint of the ‘90s with iconic styles that have been revived. It’s a decade-jumping, time-travelling moment as we explore the influences that led us to right now

COLOUR : We create a dynamic colour story that switches from street to high fashion. Following the mindset that hair can be the ultimate statement accessory. We built on established ideas and combined with a theme of return-to-self, where to embrace or enhance hair texture and type through colour, is to develop a unique style. Fresh NEW shades like BEIGE.VIOLET, CHOCOLATE.ASH and VIOLET.INTENSE embellish each model’s hair and create more dimension between light and shadow.

STYLE : This collection is a mix of contemporary setting, a sleek up-do with a ‘90s feel. The looks highlight texture through techniques that will work equally as well on set or every day in the salon. The styles are technique-based and adaptable to each and everyone’s hair type. I believe they reflect perfectly who we are right now 

  1. The 2022 LA, LALA Education Collection will be presented across Asia by the KEVIN.MURPHY ASIA EDUCATION TEAM. 

    For more information about KEVIN.MURPHY education program, please visit: WOORAILOORA.COM.SG 

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