‘Pui Di Me’Collection by Michelle Ciaccia

‘Pui Di Me’ meaning ‘More than me’ is Michelle Ciaccia’s debut collection, an extension of her husband Adam’s collection ‘Forte Arrivo’


Poised — Anna Dahlin

The collection Poised touches on a struggle that many women have with their identities in a modern day society. Anna Dahlin wanted to…


Stained Style — Nicole Pede

Nicole Pede's inspiration came from multiple pictures of stained glass windows. She loved the way the light hits the windows and makes…


‘This Is Me’ — Kylie Hayes

‘This Is Me’ was Kylie Hayes being true to her own aesthetic, creating art out of hair, she consider this collection to be ‘Soft’ Avan…


Inca Rising — Nicole Kae

As fierce warriors and skilled artisans they resist their concubine calling, for their labour has been long and their freedom held tig…


Sloans — Brittany Cristaudo

Tucked away on upscale Elizabeth Street sits the pretty as an English picture Peggy Porschen’s Parlour.