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Kao Corporation: The World’s Most Ethically-Run Company of 2020

Kao Corporation has maintained its spot for 14 consecutive years since 2007 as The World’s Most Ethically-Run Company.

Wella ITVA 2020 Winners!

Wella announces their ITVA 2020 winners through Instagram

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Making The Best Out Of The Current Situation

As stressful and difficult these times can be, here are some ways to keep yourself gainfully occupied.

Get The Look - Paris Fashion Week by Rami Al Ali and Kevin Murphy

Rami Al Ali brings his love of refined aesthetics to haute couture, and there was no better hair partner than KEVIN.MURPHY to showca...

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Achieve up to six levels of lift with COLOR.ME, the new ammonia-free cream.lightener by Kevin Murphy. These days, stylists and clie...

Shiseido Sublimic Wondershield

We often hear the frustrations of our salon customer’s inability to recrea...

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Expat Hair Studio

Founded by Kat Moss, Expat Hair Studio focuses heavily on ensuring that their customers are ready to sit back, relax and u...

Le Jean Hair

Over 20 years of being active, Le Jean Hair and Beauty Salon Pte Ltd has evolved into a one-stop solution care centre for all th...

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The Love Edition: Sebastian & Anne

Sebastian Chan & Anne from MDI College Mirror D Int says the common pet peeve both of them have is: STUBBORNNESS.

The four things you can do to save a salon dying in because of the pandemic.

Jeremy explores 4 ways to solve the problem of a dying salon.

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Shiseido Professional FUTURE LEGACY

Future Legacy conveys an attitude toward learning from the past and the importance of working hard towards a brighter future.

Darkness of Atypical

Atypical is something unusual that it doesn't happen or see very often. it is unique in the darkness as it is not

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